People have always been important at GGP; that’s why we still have employees who have been with us for 20 and 30 years.

With a 10,000 strong work force, GGP has invested in creating a community that combines individual and collective empowerment, to provide an enhanced quality of life for all.

Human resource development is a big item on our agenda, with regular professional and skills enhancement training offered to all employees. A new, state-of-the-art Training Center has been fully operational.


At GGP, we have been doing CSR since before the term was even coined! Employees and their families enjoy quality housing, medical care and educational opportunities, while the larger community benefits from such efforts as road improvement and outsourcing of sewing projects.


The company also provides employees and their families with quality housing, medical care and educational opportunities. Because we truly believe our people are our greatest asset.

The Company continues to work with its stakeholders including employees, local community, government and NGO’s to enhance its contribution to the development of the community and the area where it operates.

Fully equipped Medical Clinic with emergency room and delivery room, can handle up to 200 patients daily. GGP Care, a foster-parent program created by employees, assists 100 children living in nearby areas to go to school, and also pays the monthly salaries of 12 non-permanent teachers.