As one of the top three producers of premium pineapples worldwide, we are still farmers at heart. Our plantations are a valuable resource, and we know that what we take from the earth, we must put back. Or one day, the soil will no longer support us.

20 years of


Today, the world has woken up to the importance of being green and embraced it as a global trend. At GGP, we have already been actively implementing green practices for over 20 years. And we learnt that although there is a cost involved in going green, profits do not have to take a hit. We speak from experience, because in 10 short years, these green practices have boosted our yield per hectare by as much as 50%.

Going Green is a process, not a one-time project. At our plantation, nothing is wasted; every part of the pineapple is utilized. We are the original RRR production unit- and have earned our ‘green’ label by consistently implementing green measures across the board.

Vision 2030

To be a global leader in pineapple and to expand adjacency products offering to our customers. GGP is committed to sustainable growth (economically and environmentally) and it will continue to strengthen good quality product deliveries and services to its customers.