a tradition of

Farmers in the East have a culture in minimizing wastage. A concept that has only in modern times given the name, GREEN.

Our farmers are blessed with land, vegetation and cattle, and they had begun the concept of recycling long before it became known. With organic fertilizer from cattle, packing of goods with bamboo bark, banana leaves, and teak leaves. However, tradition has also given way to modern industrialization with the use polyethylene bags. ZEROWASTE is a Tradition close to the HEART of our FARMERS.

aether, our spirit guides us. When the way ahead seems unclear and we are unsure, our spirit guides us… as it knows what we don’t. It’s time to take a chance and trust your instincts! There is a native intelligence in nature that knows what it has to do. Nobody tells a tree how to grow, trees know. Nobody tells the heart how to beat, the heart knows.

On acres and acres where wild grasses grew... we saw a field of infinite possibility. We didn’t know then, where we were going, or how we would get there… sometimes it is enough just to trust that the eyes can see what does not yet exist.

And that is how we continue to evolve, finding a new path where none existed before. Our way has always been to find our own way.


AETHER: the prime element present in all things, providing space, connection and balance for all the elements to co-exist. It is essential to our sense of connectedness and well-being. Also called Spirit, Aether is immaterial, unlike Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

The challenge ahead is how we can re-apply the traditional practices with the implementation of REDUCING, REUSING and RECYCLING wastes.

Zero Waste,
Seeing GREEN

Our farmers’ heart is always willing to rediscover the goodness of traditional practices, and to discover new ways to attain these important goals. Because with constant practice, good habits are formed.

With sufficient supply of waste material including industrial waste, animal manure and agricultural residue, our process is evident in our by-products such as: Animal Feed and Fertilizer, Renewable Energy, that also include energy savings, costs reductions and higher crop yield.

Green is Forever


So we took a few steps back in order to move a few steps forward. We realized and applied the principles of the natural elements and put it to work right from the beginning. Land preservation and restoration Irrigation and wastewater treatment Enhancing Eco-efficiency by establishing the required equilibrium between nature and made-made.

earth, water, wind & fire.

Sometimes, what the eye perceives does not yet exist; it is a figment of the imagination. Our way has always been to find a way...

Centuries-old philosophies and traditions from across the world share the belief that all of existence is comprised of four elements: earth, water, wind and fire … each with its own intrinsic qualities.

earth, the earth grounds us. Think of a time you walked barefoot in the grass and felt the earth beneath your feet. Remember how that felt? The earth grounds us. It’s time to re-connect with the Earth! As the darkness melts away... the first gentle rays of the sun awaken the earth from its night of rest, bringing us the gift of a new day.

All is silent in these moments before dawn... as if time were standing still to see what would happen next. We have always been farmers, working the land. We are still farmers... our lives closely interlinked with the earth... and the repeating cycles of planting and harvesting.

Every new planting begins a new season of hope, and every harvest marks a time to pause, to breathe and replenish, for the earth too, needs to rest.


EARTH: strength, abundance, stability, prosperity, wealth.

water, allows us to live. Remember when you ran out into the rain, splashing your feet through puddles, laughing like you did as a child? Water soothes and heals us. It’s time to go with Water’s flow!

In every little drop of water, is imprinted the secret of life... a complex and intricate code that Nature knows Man can never replicate. This magical, miracle element allows us to live, to survive and thrive. It is from water that we learn the sound of raindrops, and the song a river sings.

Working with a resource as precious as water, we learnt to respect and value it. We learned that every cloud does not bring rain, and that nature is a force that cannot be controlled.

And so we work with nature, not against. We became part of the water cycle. Because water, as they say, is life itself.


WATER: emotions, absorption, subconscious, purification, eternal movement, wisdom, the soul.

wind, as it speaks to you. Have you ever felt the wind in your hair, as it whispered to the trees, reminding them that the sun would shine again after the storm? The Wind is a wise teacher. Listen well, as it speaks to you.

The wind blows gentle, as white clouds skim across blue skies; life is easy and growth is everywhere. Then the sky grows dark and the wind blows strong, and those who learn to bend like the bamboo will survive the storm. And they will find that within every storm lies the seed of opportunity.

Some of our greatest challenges have given rise to our most spectacular breakthroughs, taking us up, to the next level of our evolution. We welcome these challenges, for they have made us grow.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And as we take the next step, then the next, we stop for a moment... and we see what a long way we have come.


WIND: the mind, intelligence, communication, visualization, telepathy, psychic powers, inspiration, imagination, ideas, knowledge, dreams, wishes.

fire, the spark grows brighter. Have you ever had a fire in your belly, urging you to stretch out and reach for that which inspires and delights? Fire keeps us warm and feeds our visions. It’s time to embrace your passion!

There exists within each of us, a spark that can be fanned into a fire, to fuel our greatest dreams. It is up to us what we do with our spark...some might choose to let it fade away... and some will recognize and cherish it, knowing that this spark is the passion that breathes life into our dreams.

Powered by the belief that anything is possible, the spark grows brighter. It inspires our life’s work, gaining momentum and going in directions we may never have imagined.

And as we move forward, drawing closer to the horizon, another one appears in the distance... then another... and another...


FIRE: energy, inspiration, love, passion, leadership. Fire is the most physical and spiritual of the elements.


They have grown up to a certain stage, they see the effects that influence these developments, like; in the past cassava sold at very low prices, but now cassava price listed on the market becomes more expensive than rice. This is the impact of a development.

When they had climbed an achievement, then they have enough time to conduct the evaluation, review the changes and the effects; rectify mistakes that occur during the process.

Of course, as a producer in pineapple industry, GGP has reached a high level. Then we were awakened and if we just were at that level, now we'll just run no where.

The consciousness that makes us want to review the fundamental, also started to makes us wonder if there is an error in our process? Why can't we rise to another level? Another level means higher productivity, lower cost and better competitive advantage.

casestudy: In comparison to the period, we saw the fertilizer in the amount of 300 kg has the same result as we spent a total of 1 ton.

We begin to see, there is something that we must rebuild.

creating fertilizer from the remaining :

We can restore the land to be healthier, Previously our soil is healthy, because there is organisms that can reproduce very well. Today, earthworms are not easy to be found in soil. The land that we manage at present, resulting the earthworms become difficult to live. How do plants become healthier? When the Earthworms can survive, we have to be grateful; this fundamental principle is so simple and uncomplicated.

Because we can not avoid the use of non-organic materials, earthworms are dead, too. Then we think how to be able to share the land with earthworms?

Also hope that microorganisms can proliferate, resulting various of metabolic activities in our land and getting better... salt elements derived from non-organic materials can be released from the bonds of earth.

Surely, this is a promise of nature; our plants will grow lush and healthy.

We thought, we could implement the use of organic fertilizer.. Availability of raw materials derived from waste is adequate in our place, our Pineapple Skin and Cattle!

Sequel, perhaps there will be savings of 30% fuel use.

capturing BIOGAS
from WASTE

Pineapple skin dilemma; the rest of the skin becomes routine waste generated throughout the year; the challenge is how we can change the waste into value.

We understand to make waste becomes valuable is a big job, requiring an integrated development, but it deserves to be funded.

We have a sufficient supply of raw materials; animal manure, agricultural residues and industrial waste; it is possible for us to create renewable energy with low costs.

Biogas digester can be widely used as a source of energy and waste treatment, and as a liquid fertilizer to increase soil fertility in our land.

turn conflict into
investment in

We've reached a certain level, which seemed hard to make a breakthrough. We like stepping into a circle, spinning... revolves round, and we want to jump out; which of course we must have other thoughts. Just look at most of the industry in general; planting seeds, fertilizing, spraying, harvesting and various related processes, it all has become a standard, worldwide.

In production as we operate, WASTEWATER has always been a continuous problem, as a very broad land use in wastewater neutralization efforts to restore the ground water.

SAVE ENERGY; forcing the use of efficient energy directly affects the cost advantage, practically; activities that are not needed will be reduced.

LIVESTOCK FECES produced; as a result of plantation waste processing, and if the methane gas produced, through further processing, we can create alternative energy.

From the beginning we have seen a simple idea; to plant BAMBOO along our irrigation system, we do not need to express the reason why? and no other bamboo planting area such as ours. Then we all agreed that bamboo is very effective to prevent the GREENHOUSE EFFECT, he can absorb so much carbon. We have a lot of interest in the trees; thereby we decided to invest more and more trees in our environment.

We are not pressured to do it, like people in Western; we do it voluntarily, for us this is the mindset.

...to learn, to understand... Muntoha, began his career as a day laborer

Muntoha, began his career in 1990 as a day laborer, with perseverance and hard work, in 1992 then he was appointed as a permanent worker. Continuing his good performance within five years, Muntoha recommended to become a staff. With the conviction of a desire to learn and understand... there is no job that is difficult for him to do, and now, he has been given more responsibility to serve as the Head of Administration and Plantation Quality System in Plantation Group 1.